I spent 15 years working in Client Services at some of the world’s best Advertising Agencies, before going to run an in-house Marketing Department at a client company. In this time, I gained an extensive and varied skillset, from strategy development, project management and operational oversight, to fee and contract negotiation, team management and far more. And I gained invaluable insight into a range of industry sectors, from retail to finance, telecoms to food, and fashion to hospitality.

In 2015, I set up my own consultancy specialising in helping small businesses with their marketing needs - everything from brand strategy, copywriting and logo design to website development and social media . But I soon found myself involved in broader conversations about the challenges they faced across their business. From finding new staff, to setting up a pension scheme, formulating a pricing strategy, or overhauling operations in preparation for expansion, it soon became apparent that marketing was not the only thing my clients struggled to find time for, and that my skillset meant I was perfectly placed to help.

So whether you need an extra pair of hands, an extra head, or just a pragmatic voice around the discussion table, I am on hand to advise, discuss, and just get the job done.